slide1Flexibility our strength. Our customers appreciate our tempo in launching new projects, sample process, constructional changes. Yesterday was too late, therefore our ability to react quickly is an invaluable advantage. slide2Technologies Everything from one source. Castings produced using sand casting, gravity die and pressure die technology. slide3Vision We have created sufficient space for a production expansion thanks to sophisticated investments. In conjunction with our flexibility and technical skills we offer to our customers practically unlimited opportunities for cooperation development. Our vision is a continuous growth.

The company Ability s.r.o. was founded in 2003 by Mr. Peter Dvorský and Mr. Milan Ťahúň who lead the company till today.

One of the first activities was to provide casting simulation using PAM-CAST software for Slovak and Czech foundries. Ste by step, further activities as deburring, inspection and packaging of castings for cooperating foundries have been added.

An important milestone was the year 2005 when the company Ability s.r.o. took over an aluminum foundry of the company Elba, a.s. with 11 employees and an annual production of 80 tons of castings.

To enhance technological opportunities and increases in quality manufacturing, Ability s.r.o. gradually invested into the purchase of new furnaces, new core shooting machine, new gravity die casting and high-pressure casting machines, mechanical maching and machine for spectral analysis.

Finally, it is important to mention the purchase of new production hall with an area of 2500 m2 to accommodate new technologies.

Nowadays, the company Ability s.r.o. produces aliminum alloy castings using three technologies, offers comprehensive solutions from casting technology design through tools production to delivery of machined castings, delivers high-quality machined castings, sells its castings to demanding markets of western Europe.

Thus the company Ability s.r.o. has ranked among important Slovak producers of aluminum castings and is prepared to meet the most demanding customers requirements.

Ability, s.r.o.

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